Wireless Network Watcher 2.18

Use this program to make sure your wireless connection is safe, secure, and running optimally

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    Windows 8.1 / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 2003 / Windows 2000

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Wireless Network Watcher is a great way for you to determine if you have intruders on your WiFi connection.

If you are using Wi-Fi with a secured connection, it can sometimes be difficult for you to know if anyone is using your router. This could be a major problem when it comes to your security and safety browsing the internet. This means it's a good idea for you to consider utilizing a program like Wireless Network Watcher in order to have a trustworthy and more protected experience using the World Wide Web. This particular program will enable you to detect whether or not anyone is trying to hack into your connection while you are using it as well.


There are many motivations for you should begin using Wireless Network Watcher on a regular basis. One of the main reasons is because it enables you to see if someone is utilizing the same connection that you are on. This prevents you from using a connection that is not secured, and it can save you a lot of time and hassle later on when dealing with these types of problems. While there are many different options available to you on the market, Wireless Network Watcher offers an easy-to-use interface that you will find to be incredibly beneficial when keeping an eye out on your router and Wi-Fi connection.


A wonderful benefit to using this particular program is the fact that it allows you to keep an eye on the security that is involved with your connection. You do not want to be using your Wi-Fi connection only to find out that someone else has hacked into it and is watching everything that you are doing. You will be able to see in real time if someone else is using your connection, allowing you to have greater control over the situation than you would before. Wireless Network Watcher is also a very easy system to use, allowing you to make use of it without being a professional at all.


Getting the chance to use this amazing program is as easy as downloading it to your system. The download only takes a short amount of time and can be up and running in minutes. You also do not have a fee associated with this particular program, since everything is completely free for you to download and use. Having a great free system that you can rely on is something that makes Wireless Network Watcher a lot different than anything else on the market right now. You might even be amazed at how many people have already downloaded this program and are using it on a regular basis in their own lives as often as they would like on their computer.


  • Keep an eye on your security at all times.
  • Better quality Wi-Fi connection.


  • May lack a variety of features.

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